Isaac Newton was born in 1643 at Woolsthorpe Manor, 7 miles from Grantham. His father died before his birth. Isaac NewtonAfter his mother remarried he was raised by his grandfather.

Newton moved to Grantham to attend the Kings School. At the age of 19, Newton entered Cambridge University.

Newtons achievements include the discovery of the theory of gravity, the laws of momentum and motion, the law of coolong. He invented the telescope and played the major role in the development of calculus.

There is a statue of Newton in the town.

Margaret Thatcher (nee Roberts) was Britain’s first and so far only, female Prime Minister. She served in this office from 1979 until 1990.

She was born in Grantham in 1925 and grew up living above her fathers grocers shop on the corner of North Parade and Brook Street.Margaret Thatcher Grantham

After Huntingtower Primary School she attended the Kesteven and Grantham Girls School (KGGS).

Though portrayed as the humble ‘grocers daughter’ Thatchers father was prominent in Grantham society. He was an Alderman on the Borough Council and a Methodist lay preacher.

Thatchers premiership was noted for moneterist economics, high unemployment, curbing Trades Union power, privatisation and giving Council tenants the right to buy their homes.

Ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland continued during the Thatcher premiership, including the Brighton bombing attack on her hotel during a Conservative conference.

In foreign policy Thatcher worked with US President Regan on the alliance with Mihael Gorbachov which led to the dismantling of communism.

In 1982 she ordered the campaign to liberate the Falkland Islands after an Argentinian invasion.

Apart from a plaque on the shop above which she lived there is no formal memorial to Margaret Thatcher in Grantham although there are a number of exhibits in Grantham Museum. Her former school, Kesteven and Grantham Girls School, named a new Hall the ‘Roberts Hall’ after her.

Oliver Cromwell defeated a Royalist force at the Battle of Gonerby Moor in May 1643, after which he was able to Oliver Cromwellcapture the town. Cromwell lived at Pond Street in Great Gonerby and organised and trained the New Model Army t Gonerby Moor.

Edith Smith was Britains first female Police Officer with full powers of arrest.

She worked in Grantham for the last two years of the First World War. Her main duties were dealing with prostitutes attracted to the town by the military garrison there.

Edith Smith died of an overdose shortly after leaving her police duties.

Eighteenth century political philosopher and activist Tom Paine lived in Grantham for almost two years. His writings included The Rights of Man and Common Sense, the latter written in America where he was an influational figure leading up to the American War of Independence. He was also an MP in Paris after the French Revolution.

Football Manager Martin O’Neil started his managerial career at Grantham Town FC before moving on to Wycombe, Norwich City, Leicester City, Celtic, Aston Villa and Sunderland John Barnwell managed Grantham Town after a playing career at Arsenal, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United. Former Scottish Internaational Kenny Burns played for the club in 1988.

In May 1943 the legendary Dambustersset off from four RAF bases in Lincolnshire. Their command centre was a building in Grantham called St Vincents, which was later used as the headquarters of the District Council. Air Vice-Marshall Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris lived at Beacon Lane during the war.

Richard Todd, the actor who starred in the film The Dambusters lived at Little Humby 7 miles from Grantham.

TV personality Nicholas Parsons was born and brought up in Grantham. His father was the GP for the Roberts family (including the young Margaret Thatcher).

Eric Chappel wrote the scripts for comedies like Rising Damp, Duty Free and Only When I Laugh. He works in Grantham and lives at Barrowby.

Olympian and former ‘Worlds Strongest Man’ Geoff Capes lives at Stoke Rochford, south of the town

Also born in Grantham were News presenter Alexander Hill (nee Hyndman), Andrew Pinching (drummer with The Damned), Judy Campbell (actress), medium Doris Stokes and theologist and philosopherHenry More.

Sky Sports presenter Clare Tomlinson was born at Barrowby.